Use Video Email Signature to Warm Your Cold Emails

Jun 17, 2022

Today’s digitally-savvy buyers expect to be able to contact sellers directly, whether via the seller’s website or some other means. According to a recent study by Contactzilla, 82% of respondents stated they are more likely to buy when suppliers offer them contact details. Almost half of the buyers surveyed indicated that they prefer to be contacted by sellers directly rather than via email or phone.

In addition, these same buyers now expect instant communication (as opposed to waiting for an email response). Given these developments and preferences, sellers should provide potential buyers with methods of connecting with them by adding an interactive video email signature. If you sell products online or from a physical store, you need potential buyers to know how and where they can contact you.

What is a Video Email Signature?

A video email signature is the same concept as a standard email signature but with an additional link to a video page. You can record a message that plays automatically when a future buyer or customer clicks on your email or website contact details. This is a great way to connect with them, as well as to show them that you’re a real person and that you’re trustworthy. If you’ve ever received an email from a business and have been unsure about whether or not the message is sincere, a video email signature is a great way to ease the buyer’s concerns. A video email signature is easy to set up and can be used on most email platforms.

What to include in a Video Signature?

Your video signature consists of two parts; the contact info text and a link to your video.

Contact Info

The email signature is the same as any other email signature that you’ve seen or used in your email. It usually contains:

  • your full name
  • your job title
  • your company name
  • links to your social media
  • a link to your calendar to schedule an appointment

The link to your video usually replaces your profile photos with an animated image. If the reader clicks on your animated image, then the reader can watch your video.

Video Signature

Your video signature is not the place to make any sales pitch because you don’t want to make any sales immediately to people who don’t even know you. Instead, take the opportunity to create trust and open a relationship with the readers.

So, what are the things that you should have in the video?

  • Attention-grabbing props (such as a whiteboard or pet) or create movement in the first 3 seconds to catch their attention to click on the video - an eye-catching animated thumbnail at the bottom of your email might catch their attention and make them want to click on the video.
  • A good story to connect with them - once they press the play button to watch the video, you can use a story to capture their attention, build trust, and open a relationship.
  • Be clear on things you can do to help your customers - you can introduce your job title to your customers, but they might not be familiar with what you can do for them. If you identify a few pain points that they might experience and how you can help them eliminate those issues, they will remember you.
  • Invite the readers/viewers to engage by taking a small action - this could be sharing the video with co-workers, downloading a checklist/worksheet, or giving you some feedback on their experience with your company.

How Long Should the Video be?

You should keep your video email signature short. Try to keep it under 60 seconds if possible, and no more than 90 seconds. You don’t want to bore your audience and risk having them click away before your message is over.

You can use this video on your email signature to:

  • introduce yourself to a new/future buyers
  • Invite viewers/readers to schedule a meeting with you
  • Or, even to promote a special offer

If you’re thinking about making a longer video, just make sure that you’re giving valuable information to your viewers/readers and make it entertaining.

Sample Video Script for a Real Estate Agent

If you’re not used to recording videos of yourself, the thought of making one is frightening. Especially, if you don’t even know what to talk about in your video. To help you get your video signature done sooner, here are two ideas to consider when writing your video script.

Sample Script using Pain-Agitate-Solution Framework

Pain: Finding a home is exhausting. The hours spent reading listing and comparing stats between houses. Squeezing visits to those listings between your busy schedule. Not to mention the high pressure to make a quick decision when you finally find the one that you like.

Agitate: Do you really want to purchase your dream home based on frustration and desperation?

Solution: My name is [Your name here], I can help you find your dream house without the frustration and desperation. I can provide a side-by-side comparison of multiple houses within minutes, so you don’t have to juggle papers when comparing houses. [Show other solutions if necessary]. Most importantly, I will help you negotiate the best deal for your new home.

Sample Script that Outline Your Career Highlights for the Clients’ Benefit

Are you looking for a new home in [your city]? My name is [Your name here]. I’ve been a realtor for X years. I have the scoop of all the zip codes in [your city], and I’ve been awarded as the top Realtor for the last 5 years. I’m not bragging. I want to show you that I know how to help people find their dream homes. The best thing for you is it doesn’t cost you anything extra to work with me. Call me.

Those are the two examples that I hope you can use to help your creative juice start flowing.

How Do You Create a Video Email Signature?

I’ve searched and tried multiple ways to create a video email signature for months. Finally, I found Dubb Video to be the easiest tool that you can use on your phone and computer to start making your video signature today, and it's free.


If you want to maximize your sales and connect with buyers, you need to get in front of them. This means appearing in their inbox and on their websites via video email signature. Video email signatures are an easy way to appear in front of your audience and make a connection. With these tips, you’ll be able to create a video email signature that will drive sales and make you stand out from the crowd.

Pss… one more thing.

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