Funny Real Estate Memes

Aug 14, 2022

Looking for some funny real estate memes that you can use in your cold emails? or just to share with your clients? You're in luck... (well... maybe not so much since we only have 4 right now).

We've created and collected some of these funny real estate memes so you don't have to spend hours looking for them. We'll keep adding memes regularly.

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1. Make the best of it

Are you a half-full or half-empty kind of person?

2. Double Vandalism

You can't control the bad people out there who vandalize your sign... but with a little sharpie... people can still recognize your photo.

3. Property Value Estimator

Are you thinking about buying a new house? Use this guideline to estimate the property tax.

4. Scared Agents

Real estate agents are NOT scared of hosting open houses alone

Real estate agents are NOT scared of meeting strangers any time of the day

Real estate agents when they found out the buyer doesn't have any pre-approval...

5. Where's the rest of them?

Ok... show me those fine prints again.

6. I like a low-maintenance house

Which one do you prefer?

7. Something doesn't look quite right

I knew it... the colors don't match! I also love the strategic placement of the electric outlet for the hairdryer.